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Our market maps provide details of your competitors including team structures and profiles of individuals - this type of targeted insight has many variations and many more applications.

The market could be domestic, international or global whilst the specifics of the market may mean we are looking at just 10 people globally or hundreds within one area. We may be simply providing a comprehensive long list or creating detailed profiles of the Top 50 experts in a particular specialism; the outputs are driven by your business requirements.

Some potential applications:

•     A basic market map allows clients with their own recruitment resources to approach candidates directly
A breakdown of competitor department size and structure is a useful strategy benchmark
Providing a market overview allows our clients to assess whether their departmental growth plans and resourcing expectations are realistic
The insight we gather during the research process includes market opinion on our clients’ personnel and strategy – a true 360-degree review
We can identify and profile market leaders, top performers and rising stars

Please have a look at the case studies below and contact us to discuss how market mapping could work for you.



Specialist requirements demonstrate real value ...

A major FTSE 100 Pharmaceuticals company were looking to appoint...

Niche markets, specialist skills, hard-to-find ...

Our research team are often asked to provide market mapping service...