Mike Wood

Mike is a seasoned Executive Search Recruiter with a wealth of experience in assisting clients across diverse industries and markets.

Over the years, he has cultivated a vast network of professionals worldwide, driven by his unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional service to both clients and candidates. Mike’s passion lies in offering a truly outstanding experience, consistently striving to provide a “best-in-class” service.

Having gained a profound understanding of the challenges faced by organisations in identifying and retaining top-tier Senior and Leadership Talent, Mike is well-equipped to address these complexities. He works closely with C-Suite executives and key stakeholders within organisations, offering a dynamic alternative to the conventional “one size fits all” Executive Search model. By tailoring his approach to each assignment, Mike delivers an agile service that is personalised and attuned to the unique requirements of his clients.

In summary, Mike’s extensive expertise as an Executive Search Recruiter, coupled with his global network and dedication to providing exceptional service, sets him apart in the industry. His ability to work closely with organisations’ top-level decision-makers, combined with his commitment to a more personalised approach, ensures that he consistently delivers outstanding results.